March 23, 2023

Top 5 Reasons Chiffon Is the Best Fabric for Moms

4 min read

Being a new mom I always wonder what to wear to be comfortable, but still look cute. I don’t want to wear something too frou frou and I don’t want something too plain. My son is active to say the very least, so I constantly am in motion and finding new ways to amuse him. The problem is that I want to still look like I care about how I look without actually going through mounds of effort.

So I’ve discovered my answer… Chiffon. This fabric is genius! It is a lightweight, sheer fabric that comes in 100% Silk all the way to 100% Polyester. Either fiber content will do.

Here are my top 5 reasons why all Moms (and Grandmas!) will love Chiffon:

1. Spit Up/Spills are barely visible. I remember taking my son to a doctor appointment on my lunch break one day. I had just given him a bottle in the waiting room and all the excitement caused my little guy to spit up a good amount of his lunch… On my blouse I needed to go back to work with. Luckily, I was wearing a water-color inspired Chiffon blouse I bought from Express. You couldn’t even tell he had spit up on me. After my son had gotten his shots and I played the role of evil restraints, I cleaned up the mess. I used a wipe from his diaper bag and soaked the area. Stain avoided and it dried within a minute!

2. Sheerness = Coolness. Since Chiffon is so sheer and lightweight, you don’t have to worry about sweating like a pig while playing with baby. This is one of the biggest pluses for me. My son loves to play rough. To amuse him I hop up and down, make funny faces, pretend he’s Super Baby (he LOVES this game), and do other great things to make a fool of myself in public all for the sake of his entertainment. It’s actually like a work out with him as my 20 pound weight, but I can’t go running around in sweats my entire life. So this is my solution.

3. Fluid Silhouettes. There is nothing worse than wearing something you can’t move in. “Love that top, but how do you breathe?” Ever heard that one? Yeah, I’m not a fan. I need to be able to do a fifty yard dash in my clothes. With Chiffon, I’ve noticed that most silhouettes are loose and unfitted. The fabric itself has hardly any elasticity, but it’s still sheer enough to show off your awesome post-pregnancy bod and acts as a filter just in case you want to hide problem areas.

4. It’s IN! I have not seen a season in which Chiffon was totally omitted from each designer’s line. For Spring, designers seem to always pair with lace for a whimsical and romantic feel. For Fall, deeper, jewel tones always seem to be in style. So never fear! Buy a basic empire top with shirring at the waist and dress up with the accessories of the season! Or for those of you like me who don’t do the huge bangles and crazy big earrings that attract baby’s yanking fingers, just do you.

5. Inexpensive to Expensive. This fabric comes in a variety of combinations of fiber content. Can’t afford the $95 100% Silk Chiffon? Opt for the $30 Polyester version. You probably could even find something for $5 on a discount rack. (In truth, Polyester at times can be more sturdy than Silk!) You will reap the benefits of the fabric no matter what the fiber content is. The differences are minimal. For example, Polyester is synthetic – it is man made. And nothing can be silkier than Silk, I’m afraid. Man gave it his best shot, but mother nature has prevailed. Also, when held up to a lighter, Polyester will melt like plastic. But like I said, very minimal differences.

So, I could sing you the praises of my favorite Chiffon top every day of my life, but seeing is believing! Hop on down to your local department store or if you’re toting a teething, fussy baby like I am, save yourself the trouble and shop online!

I received my Associates’ in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2009. I design clothes for which is a site that allows women to purchase apparel and health/beauty products all for the sake of charity.