March 23, 2023

Learn Some Interesting Facts About Stiletto Heels

2 min read

Stiletto heels are stylish and hot. Naturally, the fashion conscious ladies are always eager to wear them. However, there are certain problems with these types of shoes. For example, if you are not quite habituated in walking with these heels, you can find it to be a tricky task. Sometimes, it also becomes difficult to take proper care for these heels as well. For all these reasons, often people think twice before buying them. However, if you go through the following few lines you will find some tips that you will help you get rid of most of the problems with stiletto heels.

One of the most essential problems with the stiletto heels is to walk with them. According to experts, the high heel shoes increase the risk of damage to the feet. Therefore, you should always be careful to walk properly with the stiletto heels. Remember, you are not a celebrity and you will have to walk quite a few paces before you get into a car. So, forget about the stepping down on the red carpet from a limo and rather concentrate on walking with the stiletto heels. Well, here is a step by step guide.

If you are walking with it for the first time, make sure that you are trying a safer one. Ideally, it should have straps to hold the ankle and foot. Don’t go for the mules and ling backs at least initially. Also, it is better to wear them on bare feet. The foot should be placed carefully inside the shoe. Generally, the wearers feel that the balance is shifting from the foot to leg. The calf muscles are taught and the ankles become tight. When you are standing, you will have a feeling that the stomach muscles along with the thighs have started clenching.

Ideally, your weight should be firmly on your tips and balls of the heels. It will be a great idea here to round the room with your hands placed on your butt cheeks. This will enable you to test the angle of the wiggle. Well, if you don’t want to amuse others, make this test alone. Nevertheless, this test walk will give you an opportunity to gauge the balance of the women’s shoes and you will learn the way of walking.

You should life your left foot, clench the toes and land the weight on the ball of the foot. Then, you can spread it over the entire heel. When you are landing your foot, you should ensure that the heel is landed first and immediately your weight would be transferred forward. Don’t lift the other leg until the first one is repositioned firmly.