Everything you need to know before buying a gamer chair

June 21, 202312 min read

If you’re looking to buy a gamer chair this Christmas and don’t know which one to choose, here’s your buying guide. You’ll find out everything you need to know about these chairs, from design to functions, as well as other key aspects. One thing’s for sure: you’ll find out for sure.

Nowadays, in 2023, it’s very rare for a gamer not to have their own gamer chair. These kinds of chairs have become an indispensable tool for every gamer.

And beware, because more and more people are using these chairs. They are common for all content creators, amateur gamers, or even office workers.

Logically, a gaming chair’s main goal is to accommodate your back and figure while gaming for long hours. It sounds simple, but there are many more factors to consider.

Specifically, the posture of your body is fundamental, but so is the tilt, headrest, adjustments, functions and the contour of the backrest of each chair.

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Another important aspect depends on the platform you are going to play on. The posture for gaming on PCs is different to the posture we adopt on consoles, so keep this in mind when choosing a gaming chair.

If you want to share a gamer chair this Christmas and you don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry, because here are some tips and everything you need to know before buying a gamer chair.

Tips for buying a gamer chair
First of all, it’s clear that buying a gamer chair is not easy. And not because of the lack of stock in shops, but because of the wide range of options available… and what that entails.

Practically, buying a gamer chair is like buying a mobile phone. There are so many options, with different prices, colours, styles and even unique features. You could say that, whichever one you choose, you’ll get it right.

Perhaps what strikes you most is the shape and colour palette. Gaming chairs are anything but boring, and they come in many colours, designs and even themes.

But don’t let that blind you. Sometimes a chair that we fall in love with because of its design will later disappoint us, either because of its limited functions, comfort or other key factors.

Buying a gamer chair is not easy, but with this buying guide you will be able to find your way out of doubts and choose one from among many. To do this, it’s important to look at these key issues:

What is a gamer chair
Let’s quickly review what a gamer chair is. It is a type of chair that differs from the typical office chair, based on two factors: design and comfort. As always, there are exceptions.

Most office chairs are single-coloured, as well as darker shades. On the other hand, a gamer chair may have brighter colours, such as red, yellow, blue, green or white.

In addition, many of the gaming chairs on the market alternate different colours, with stripes, checks and other combinations. They are intended as a decorative object, so to speak.

A gamer chair is designed to spend a lot of time in front of the screen. And we’re not just talking about work, we’re talking about hobby: the gamer will spend many hours in front of his PC or console… so comfort is key.

These are the most important elements of a gamer’s chair: breathability, headrest, adjustable backrest and padded base. There are other factors, but these are the most vital.

Posture comes first
The comfort of a gamer chair is based on posture. It is at this point that we can deduce whether a certain model is suitable for us or not.

Mainly, our posture in the chair depends on two common mistakes, which our gamer chair must remedy: that the armrests do not hit the table, and not having to separate from the backrest to type.

What about the back? Well, of course, it should be straight and fully supported by the back of the chair. In addition, your elbows should be positioned at about 90 degrees to the keyboard of your PC.

In general, the user should have a total feeling of comfort. This means that we don’t change position every few minutes, that our knees are at the same height as our hips, and that our feet are flat on the floor.

A vital factor in a gamer chair is that we can rest our head on the backrest. Unlike office chairs, this type of chair has a higher headrest.

To make matters worse, some gamer’s chairs have accommodators in the kidney or lumbar region, although these should always be removable. Configuration is very important in a gamer chair.

Features and settings of our chair
A gamer chair is characterised by a number of features and functions. Often you will be able to modify the parameters of each one, but by default they will come in this way.

Of course, a gamer chair comes standard with wheels and the ability to turn around 360 degrees. However, these wheels are less damaging than those found on other chairs, so as not to damage the floor of your room too much.

A key feature is that we can adjust the height of the seat. This is included in most chairs (gamer or office), as well as the breathable fabric to avoid bad smells in summer.

Another vital aspect for the user is the backrest, which should be adjustable and tiltable (like car seats). Some can even recline completely, as if it were an armchair bed.

Now we come to an optional factor, which some gaming chairs incorporate. We are talking about the accommodators, which are small cushions in the lower lumbar region.

This depends on your preference. Objectively speaking, these cushions are very useful for resting your back and kidneys, but some people prefer to remove them.

Finally, gaming chairs have armrests and, some of them, legrests. Both should be adjustable to your liking, or even change their position completely according to your preferences.

The design and how it fits into your room
As we said before, there is life beyond comfort in a gamer chair. It is an accessory that reflects our passion for video games, with which you will spend many hours of your day to day life.

In other words, your gamer chair is as much a part of your setup as your coloured LEDs, keyboard, mouse or PC monitor. When deciding which gamer chair is best, design will undoubtedly be a key aspect.


We can’t make any recommendations here, as it’s entirely up to your taste. The good thing is that there is a wide range of options on the market, with different colours, designs and shapes.

Keep in mind that your gaming chair is just another accessory, and you might want it to match your LED lights, keyboard or mouse. There are even some models launched by companies like Razer, with bundles and themed packages.

Best gaming chairs of 2021
The best way to choose a gaming chair (or any chair) is to try it out for yourself. Therefore, we encourage you to go to a physical shop (GAME, MediaMarkt, Conforama) to see how comfortable it is for yourself.

When choosing a gaming chair, another key factor is also important: the price. Most gaming chairs range between 70 and 250 euros, with the most logical price range being 150-170 euros. Here is a list of the best gaming chairs for 2021.

Watch out, because from time to time the GAME chain of shops offers Flash offers on gaming chairs. In fact, relatively recently the Game Racing GT21 was available for 79.95 euros.

Now that Christmas is approaching, you can always go for an older model, or take a look at the offers available in some shops. You’re sure to get a gamer chair that’s perfect for you.

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If you’ve followed all our advice, you’ve probably already chosen a gamer chair. And, if not, at least you will have a clearer choice for the Christmas holidays.

Do you have a gamer chair at home? What is the most important factor when buying one? Whatever you choose, you’re sure to be more comfortable than ever when you’re doing what you love most: playing video games.

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