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June 21, 202313 min read

In our article you will learn how to find new employees to fill open positions as effectively as possible. To do this, we give you a number of practical tips that will simplify the search for employees. For example, it is particularly effective to use your own network as well as the network of employees for recruiting. Job advertisements via the right channels and good SEO optimisation also help you to reach the right candidates and find good employees. Internal advertisements, freelancer exchanges, social networks and job fairs can also be helpful.

Finding employees – what you should consider
Companies today face increasing challenges when it comes to finding qualified employees. Applicants to job advertisements often do not have the necessary experience and required qualifications to effectively do the job advertised. This lack of staff is a real problem for employers, as the success of companies depends largely on their employees.

In our article you will find valuable tips for a successful search for new employees. When looking for good staff, you should also pay special attention to the following points:

Quality before quantity: Good staff do their work particularly effectively and are therefore preferable to a larger number of rather average employees.

Formulate requirements precisely: If applicants are sought for a specific vacancy, the ideal candidate profile should be formulated as precisely as possible in the job advertisement. This increases the chances that suitable potential candidates will respond to the job advertisement.

Allow enough time: The search for qualified employees often takes longer than many employers assume. At least six months should be planned here, ideally more.

Take new, possibly unconventional approaches: Modern labour markets require innovative approaches to recruitment. For example, social media strategies are becoming increasingly important in the recruiting field.

We have summarised below some ideas on how you can concretely organise the search for qualified employees.

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Find the right employees with these tips
There are some concrete tips that can help you find qualified applicants especially quickly. You’ll find the most important of these pieces of advice in the next sections.

Use the network of employees
Companies that have already hired employees can benefit from the networks of their staff. Particularly good employees often have contact with other highly qualified applicants with an outstanding work ethic. Employee-recruit-employee campaigns also offer the advantage that staff already working for the company can usually make a good assessment of who is a good fit for the employer and who is not.

Job advertising through the right channels
The right channels make it possible to post job advertisements for the search for new employees particularly effectively. For example, the recruiting software Join posts ads on a variety of social networks and professional portals, including LinkedIn, XING, Indeed and Glassdoor. The basic service is also free of charge.

Such multi-posting makes it possible to find as many applicants as possible in one application phase. This saves work and can thus also reduce costs for HR staff.

Use your own network
The personal network should also not be underestimated in the search for new employees. For example, WhatsApp groups and LinkedIn can be used to address contacts personally. Such a personal approach often leads to particularly suitable applicants. At the same time, companies benefit from having less work to do in recruitment.

Use a career site
Most larger companies have their own website on which they actively search for applicants for various positions. Ideally, these ads are integrated into Google Jobs via schema markup. According to Google itself, this offers the following advantages:

More applicants: Schema markups allow Google to integrate job ads into the high-reach Google job search. Potential new employees can filter ads there according to individual criteria. This often leads to more applicants for employers.

More interactions: Google offers the possibility to add logos, write reviews for jobs and view job details via its platform.

Increased conversion and stronger presence: A click on the ad in the Google job board leads applicants to the company’s website. This increases the chances of a successful application.

In addition to the Google tool, it has proven effective in the industry to optimise the findability of job postings and encourage employees to share ads on personal social media accounts as well. In this way, companies often receive tips on particularly promising talent.

Employer branding
Companies that want to attract the right potential candidates who fit their profile significantly increase their chances of success by presenting themselves as an attractive employer in the marketplace. Employer branding is designed for the long term and involves various measures that not only appeal to potential applicants but also bind existing staff to the company.

Measures for creating a good employer brand include creating optimal working conditions such as a good work-life balance. It is also important to ensure that this is publicised. In this way, employers ideally achieve that suitable candidates apply to them on their own initiative.

Freelancer Exchanges
Freelancer exchanges can be a temporary relief for employers when qualified personnel need to be available at short notice.

Today, there are excellent freelancers in almost every industry who can take on work that needs to be done at short notice. This cannot replace permanent, new employees. Nevertheless, freelance exchanges are a tip for employers who are looking for ad hoc personnel support.

Approach former employees
Former employees can also be approached by the company. If necessary, they can be recruited as employees. This requires comparatively little effort on the part of the company and is therefore highly recommended.

Outsource recruiting
Recruitment consultancies can support clients with their experience in finding personnel. Such providers usually work on a commission basis with which the support is remunerated. Interested parties can obtain further information directly from the consultancy firms.

Recruitment consultancies benefit from being able to focus entirely on active sourcing through multiple recruiting channels. This makes the search for good employees much more effective for companies.

Internal advertisement
Suitable employees can also be found through an internal advertisement. Internal candidates know exactly the needs of the company and match the requirements of the open position. In addition, internal advertisements are a way of retaining qualified personnel.

This method is particularly suitable for large corporations, but medium-sized companies often have success with it as well. If there is no internal job exchange, offers can also be forwarded directly to colleagues’ e-mail addresses.

Trade fairs and events
Potential employees can also be found at trade fairs and events. More and more companies are taking advantage of this opportunity and targeting skilled workers there. Even small companies are using this strategy to recruit new staff. And with success: trade fairs and events offer companies the opportunity to address potential applicants directly and personally.

Speakers can also be contacted and possibly recruited. This group of people is often particularly qualified. In addition, there are often many young people at events whose training is particularly up-to-date.

Targeting on online platforms
Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allow potential employees to be targeted according to demographic characteristics. This can be done free of charge via the company’s profile. Alternatively, most platforms also offer to target employee searches for a fee. Even channels like Facebook and Instagram, not actually designed as job boards, have thus become a good way to recruit skilled workers among users.

Social media-based recruiting is one of the most important trends in the HR industry when it comes to attracting good employees. This is also due to the fact that active sourcing via these channels requires little effort.

Increase employee loyalty
Motivated employees who are satisfied with their jobs and stay with the company automatically reduce the number of positions that need to be filled. Retention management reduces the cost of finding employees and saves the HR department work. If existing staff work in a positive working environment and are given opportunities for further development, they are proven to remain loyal to the employer for longer.

Finding new staff is very difficult in many areas today, but by no means impossible. If you set your priorities right and make sure you approach high-quality candidates who meet the company’s requirements, you have a good chance of finding the staff you want.

It is essential to allow enough time for the search. This allows you to take as many tips as possible to heart when looking for employees. Actually, it is always worthwhile to take new and unconventional paths.

Those who use their own and their employees’ networks, trade fairs, online platforms, career sites and freelancer exchanges have a good chance of filling vacancies. Recruiters who can be entrusted with recruitment are also recommended as reliable service providers.

Frequently asked questions about recruitment – FAQ
How do I find good employees quickly?
Recruiting good workers who can effectively support the business is a lengthy process. Early planning is therefore an advantage. However, if a worker is needed particularly quickly, they can be easily found, for example, by multiposting on job boards. Professional recruiters can also work for a fee to find the desired worker in the shortest possible time.

How do I find qualified workers from all over the world?
More and more companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to recruit qualified workers from other countries. This is also possible because of the geographical proximity, for example to Poland. Many qualified professionals are interested in moving to Central Europe for their careers. Placement is usually particularly uncomplicated via online job exchanges.

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