July 2, 2022

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Her mocking reaction to my invitation surprised me

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Pricey Amy: I have recognised “Stacy” considering that junior high faculty we are now in our early 60s.

Amy Dickinson 

Each time Stacy and I would meet up at a restaurant, I would constantly volunteer to travel to her town to make it less complicated for her, because she and her partner share a motor vehicle (and he wants it to get to work). I have been undertaking this for 14 several years.

I was laid off from my job, and, considering that my car or truck is aged, in February 2020 I informed Stacy that I was “babying my automobile to make it final more time.”

In early March 2020, I recommended we meet up with for breakfast in my town (about 18 miles from her). She responded with “Well, we are babying our automobile, so …”

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