July 2, 2022

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Michael Behe Requires Some Angelic Aid

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Picture: Michael Behe, via Discovery Institute.

Biochemist Michael Behe requirements some angels. No, not the heavenly form — the Hollywood variety, as in “backers.” Will you be one them?

Past year, Discovery Institute premiered the YouTube series Tricks of the Mobile with Dr. Behe. Discovering the miniature devices inside of our cells, these quick and participating films have captivated virtually 750,000 sights so much.  

Now Dr. Behe wishes to generate two extended episodes of Secrets and techniques of the Cell (22 minutes each individual) that will enable him to discover subjects in more depth:

  • The to start with episode will examine the astounding earth of germs. Did you know some micro organism can type a “wire” that conducts electric power? Or that other bacteria have a form of GPS technique that enables them to navigate exactly where they require to go? 
  • The next episode will emphasis on our miraculous blood clotting program, revealing how proteins arrive to our rescue in a fascinating sequence of fix and healing. 

A Item of Style and design

Each episodes will present jaw-dropping evidence that everyday living is the item of smart design.

We hope to start out building these two movies upcoming month. But to do that, we have to have to increase $122,000 for on-area movie shoots, new animation, and write-up-generation.

Will you be an “angel” and come to be a person of Dr. Behe’s motion picture producers for this new enterprise so we can start off manufacturing? 

Contrary to Hollywood, we never have investors with deep pockets. We depend on a exclusive team of supporters who comprehend how films change people’s minds. Dollar for dollar, this is one of the most impactful investments you can make in achieving our tradition with the reality that we are the products of intelligent design and style, not blind opportunity. Did you know:

  • In the previous several months, a lot more than a million one of a kind viewers have watched our films on YouTube. 
  • Due to the fact 2019, our YouTube channels have attracted virtually 11 million new sights. 
  • We now have above 165,000 subscribers to our top three YouTube channels, with far more subscribers becoming extra day-to-day.

Viewers are submitting thousands of opinions about how our films are impacting their life. In this article is just a sample:

  • “This video clip SAVED me from DROWNING in the primordial soup!!!!” 
  • “Wow, this can make science interesting once again.”
  • “The earth needs to know this.”
  • “I’ll be employing this clip to assistance wake up friends and relatives.”

“Keep Them Coming!”

Several are pleading for extra movies, submitting comments these kinds of as: “This is amazing, maintain them coming!” Will you help us remedy these pleas?

Grow to be a film producer and assist carry the evidence of smart layout to millions of men and women in the future yr. Can Dr. Behe count on your assistance?

Proper now, we have $40,000 that can be utilised to match your gift for these upcoming movies with Dr. Behe. So if you donate $50, you will in fact be delivering $100 to help Dr. Behe, and if you provide $5,000, that will transform into $10,000. Enable us access our intention so we can go into manufacturing future month!

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