July 2, 2022

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Movie Assessment: Great on Paper

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In her very first aspect as a screenwriter, the actress and comic Iliza Shlesinger doesn’t stray significantly from her stand-up persona. The name of her character is various — right here, she’s Andrea Singer — and the fictional edition is not pretty as prosperous as Iliza herself. But she’s even now a comedian, and when we see Singer on stage, the line blurs.

That mixing, which also happens for the duration of ample voice-over narration, is wise. Shlesinger’s admirers are rabid, and they were likely to want her unfettered voice in what is essentially her debut aspect as a direct. (If you want a diverse search from Shlesinger, consider “Spenser Confidential.” If you want a substantially diverse glimpse, attempt “Pieces of a Woman.”) As a section of the star’s job evolution, “Good on Paper” is an exceptional action.

Thankfully, it is a rather excellent movie on its possess merits. Soon after a aggravating audition, Singer has an airport meet-adorable with Dennis (Ryan Hansen), a form-if-doofy hedge-fund manager. The two turn out to be pals, not lovers in spite of Dennis’ outstanding resume, she’s just not that into him.

He wears her down around time, in spite of the protestations of her pals — Margot (Margaret Cho), Singer’s BFF, is convinced that Dennis is not all he’s cracked up to be.

Points unravel, as you could suspect. Although it is not necessarily a shocking arc — and Singer’s blind religion in her good friend-turned-beau strains credulity — the ending is both a twist and, in numerous strategies, refreshing for any romcom-adjacent style. (There is no compelled redemption coming, I’ll explain to you that much.)

Shlesinger is a interesting performer, in that she is very easily charming and intriguing — attributes that have helped propel her in stand-up and specified her a considerable head commence as she grows as an actress. She may perhaps not nonetheless be entirely charged, but she has loads of outstanding moments in “Good on Paper.” Quite a few of all those come as she shares scenes with Cho the two talented comedians match 1 another’s electrical power and frame of mind in an entertaining, playful way.

To draw an evident comparison, “Good on Paper” reminded me — positively — of “Seinfeld,” looking at a comedian make an quick and entertaining changeover to a relevant medium. Shlesinger is farther together in that system than Jerry was when his show commenced, and I wouldn’t be astonished if the finish result is similarly loaded. She’s bought all the tools.

My Rating: 7/10

“Good on Paper” is now streaming on Netflix.

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