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The Abundant Record of Juju Hats

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Jeanine Hays is an writer, designer, and the cofounder—with her spouse, Bryan Mason—of the Brooklyn-centered life-style and design brand name AphroChic. Here, she dives into a popular style accent with a storied previous: Juju hats.

You’ve viewed them dozens of times: lush, feathered items in dazzling jewel tones or levels of creamy neutrals. Odds are, you’ve spotted them hanging on the walls of residences in the webpages of a magazine, in your Pinterest feed, or on your preferred designer’s Instagram web site. If you’ve at any time puzzled what they are or the place they’re from, these lovely feathery pieces hail from the Bamileke persons of Cameroon and are known as juju hats, or tyn.

Fantastically handcrafted, juju hats have a very long history to them. Although they’re beloved by designers for the way they can remodel any room, it is vital to observe that juju hats are so much more than wall decor. They depict centuries of deep ceremonial tradition that survived waves of German, French, and British colonization to discover new daily life as a single of today’s trendiest items in property decor. But that’s just the idea of the iceberg.

Initial items initial: Juju hats are, in truth, hats. A thick mix of colorful feathers, handwoven with raffia and backed with cedar wooden, just about every hat unfolds into a wearable piece intended for ceremonial occasions. The Bamileke first arrived in the Cameroon for the duration of the 11th century. More than time, the culture expanded into several kingdoms supporting dozens of dialects as properly as numerous spiritual and cultural beliefs. The Bamileke are primarily recognized for their beadwork, showcased most stunningly at masquerades, exactly where tyn originated and wherever they are continue to utilized to this day.

Juju hats previously mentioned a tablescape by AphroChic.

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Next reality: In Bamileke tradition, juju hats are reserved for royalty. Like most Bamileke art, juju hats are established especially for use at royal festivals. Each Bamileke polity is headed by a main or king. The king is attended by a committee regarded as the mkem or “the assembly of holders of hereditary rights.” Every single member of this council is identified to have introduced prosperity and distinction to his state and every acts as the head of a individual modern society tasked with sure responsibilities in the kingdom. These kinds of obligations could be military services, financial, lawful or in any other case.

Every two decades, the mkem hold exclusive conferences at which the prosperity of the king is exhibited. At these ceremonies the customers of the mkem and their followers don masks ideal to their societies. The most honored of these, the elephant and leopard masks, are reserved only for the king and for the users of the Kuosi and the Kemdje, the two warrior societies. It is with these masks that tyn or juju hats are most usually noticed, though once in a while they are also worn on your own.

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The hats are produced in a variety of colors and sizes.

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Reality amount three: Juju hats are beautiful operates of art. Every just one is created by hand and can acquire an artisan weeks to total. As is effective of artwork that have specific cultural importance and meaning, it’s significant to display them as this kind of. Tyn ought to be placed on the wall in a respectful way. They should really not be relegated to a toilet, folded, or positioned on the ground. If you have a standard art selection, look at placing your hat in a shadow box, with a placard supplying info about the piece and its origins. Juju hats can also be displayed on stands. A a lot more modern showcase of these pieces can location a number of hats together in a selection of sizes and colours to emphasize the wide range.

As with any perform of art, you will want to make certain that your juju hat is authentic. Whilst there are a good deal of “DIY juju hat” kits out there and a lot of appropriating these distinct cultural pieces, it’s significant to support the artisans who have been earning them for generations, and who are trying to keep the custom alive. You can come across reliable hats in some of our favorite marketplaces underneath:

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