December 2, 2022

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Whenever you are in Amsterdam, visit the Moco Museum

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Whenever you are in Amsterdam, visit the Moco Museum

If you really want to get a good feel of what a city is like to live in, you should always ask the local son what to do. For example, before the pandemic, I’ve visited many cities in Europe. Something I would always do, I go to the local pub on the first night and ask the local on places that I have to visit. More importantly, you should always ask the local which typical tourist attractions to avoid. I was recently in Amsterdam. It was my first time away since the pandemic, and I was ready to really experience Amsterdam as the locals would. Some people at the local pub gave me a list of thing to do. One thing on that list was visiting the Moco Museum. At first, I felt reluctant. Because in Amsterdam, you already have multiple amazing museums such as Het Rijksmuseum and the NEMO Science-centre. But I wanted to stick to what I always do, so I went and visited the Moco Museum.

An amazing experience

The experience I had was nothing short of amazing. The museum lies very close to the Rijksmuseum, which is essentially in the heart of Amsterdam. So, just as the local would, I cycled to the museum. The museum itself was a really cool combination of contemporary and classical art. At the Moco Museum you can experience art differently, when compared to Het Rijksmuseum. At the Moco Museum, you can really experience art using light, effects, and mirrors. It sometimes felt like a complete experience that surpasses what you can normally experience at other museums. I also feel proud to say that I used a kortingscode Moco Museum, which basically means a discount code for the museum. So I was really getting the complete Dutch experience.

Experience Amsterdam

Again, asking the locals on what to do has paid off. If it were up to me, I don’t think I would have found this museum. Whenever you are visiting a country, try not to go to all the typical tourist-traps. Ask the local on where to go to. By doing this, you can get a really good feel of what it is like of living in that country. Take me for an example. I cycled to the museum, where I used my kortingscode Moco Museum to visit the museum. I don’t think there is a more Dutch thing to do.  

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